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Thank you for taking the time to let The Seg-Way Podcast consume a moment of your attention. You are in good hands! Tyler and Charlie have been close friends since 2011 and have pursued many creative endeavors such as acting, improv comedy, writing, and they are currently in a Pop-Punk band, North Route. The Seg-Way Podcast’s main goal, above all else, is to entertain. Whether you are out running, stuck in traffic on your way to work, or mowing the lawn, The Seg-way Podcast wants to make your day a little better and a little brighter.We have many games and segments that fill up our weekly time together, however, the main monthly structure is the following:

  1. First Week Food (Local Restaurant Review...please send us restaurants you’d like us to try)
  2. Second Week Cinema (Movie Reviews)
  3. Week 3 VIP (Local artists, businesses owners, influential individuals...if you’d like to be a guest on The Seg-Way Podcast, hit us up!)
  4. Para-Four-Mal (Charlie unleashes his conspiracy, alien, and ghost knowledge on Tyler with new tales, stories, and myths every month).
  5. The Perfect 5th (On those odd months that have 5 Thursdays, we will review music. Such as, a new single, music video, album, or live concert).’’

Thank you for your time and your ear. If you enjoy what you hear, please subscribe and share with your friends. We are beyond grateful you give us a second of your busy time and we promise to always fulfill our end, giving you enjoyable and entertaining comment that is both generally entertaining and locally relevant. 

Tyler and Charlie
Tyler and Charlie






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