Spiritworks with Rick Greene

 The Holy Spirit is alive in Rick helping inspire him through each of his writings. In his latest publication he uses the inspiration of love, family, and faith to bring to life, “Spiritlifters” in all NEW a collection with of over unique 50 poems. This is one of the three books published. This book is now available for purchase through Amazon.

About the Author:
Rick M. Greene, is from Cincinnati, OH born and raised on the westside of the Queen City. He is the proud father of six boys and husband to Stephanie Greene. Rick has written 3 other books, including the short, “Freed from Addiction: A God Story” ( ISBN: 153306041X) telling his life story from life on the streets of Cincinnati, to drug addiction, to being redeemed by the Lord, and continue of the gift of giving life to Marvin Gaye III (son of
Motown-legend Marvin Gaye) a kidney in 2014. Along with his series “Dreamtime” (ISBN: 1546688919) a children’s book about how love is love and not limited to the color of your skin but the love in our hearts. The second book in the series, “Dreamtime 2” is due out Winter 2018/Spring 2019 and is anticipated to be a 10 book bedtime children’s book series. 

All books are available on Amazon and Rick’s website, www.spiritworksbooks.org.

Rick Greene
Rick Greene






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