About Us


 Podcast Ohio is a community of Podcasters across all eighty-eight counties in the great state of Ohio. We believe in podcasts of all types, whether you’re recording in your basement or a studio, you’re welcome here with us!

With an ever growing list of shows in the community, we hope to provide as much value as possible back to the podcasters in our own back yard. 

If you’re a podcaster from the O-H, come join the family! We’d love to have you.

Director of Podcaster Relations - Noah Jones

 Noah Jones is the Director of Podcaster Relations with Podcast OH. Noah has been involved with PodcastOh since 2019 after creating the Richland Source Podcast Network for Richland Source. As a professional reporter, podcast host and producer over the past five years at Richland Source, he has a passion for story telling and helping others tell their story. 

Follow him on twitter: @NoJo15


Director of Strategy- Jan Almasy

 Jan Almasy has been involved with Podcast OH since it’s inception. He is currently the Director of Strategy for Apex Communications Network and remains part time as an ICU Nurse in Canton, OH. 

“If I had to distill down my entire mission for Podcast OH into one phrase it would be this... 'Local podcasters empowering local podcasters'” I firmly believe that podcasting is a family. Regardless of the niche you belong to, or how many listeners you have, we all can get passionate about what makes our colleagues passionate. 

In order to do that I need YOUR help. 

Are you willing to accept the challenge?